Faith is the Victory  

Below are some aerial views of Victorious Life Church in Fosters, Alabama, and adjoining properties. We shall be adding some captions in the future, but wanted visitors to see the property with ample land for expanding church facilities, and its close proximity to Interstate 59/20 which provides easy access to the Tuscaloosa area to the immediate north and to communities to the south. The pictures were taken in July, 1999, when Pastor Randall Grier was leading a two-week revival at Victorious Life, and shared with the church his vision of its future.

pcd7%20021_5.jpg - 17661 Bytes

Victorious Life in Center of Photo with Interstate 59/20 on the Right

pcd1%20014_12.jpg - 20205 Bytes
Close-up of Victorious Life in Left Center of Photo. Right Edge is Pastor Avery's Home

pcd2%20015_11.jpg - 15330 Bytes  
Close-Up of Victorious Life in Center

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